Re: Pheasant


I should have done this earlier, but I just thought to look at my yard list. It's actually a Bird Checklist for Five Rivers Environmental Education Center published in 1983.

I note that both Ring-necked Pheasant and Northern Bobwhite are on the checklist. The Pheasant is labeled as U (uncommon - A species which you can occasionally expect to see during its normal period of occurrence) and P (permanent resident - A species which remains in the Five Rivers re all seasons of the year and breeds here). The Bobwhite is labeled as RP (R, rare - A species you can only expect to see by chance).

Clearly this has changed over the past 37 years.

Both have been seen in my yard, Ring-necked Pheasant on 11/2/2005 and Bobwhite on 9/20/2007. The two Bobwhites stayed around for a couple of weeks and were frequently seen under my feeders.

While whether they are countable in various situations may be debatable, I am happy to have a record of their appearance here.

I also note that Red-bellied Woodpecker is nowhere on the Five Rivers Checklist, not on birds at Five Rivers, "Species seen less than five times...," or "Species which occur in the area but have not yet been seen at Five Rivers." I had to pencil it in when we first saw one in the yard in October, 1993.

Clear skies, Alan

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