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I remember this and also protested. I understand DEC and politics, but it made me uneasy to bird in the area and see hunters walking through. I believe they also deer hunt there too.

Nancy Kern

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Southern Adirondack Audubon protested the release of pheasants in this area when we heard of the plan.  Somehow releasing an alien introduced species for hunting in an area purchased and supposedly protected for an endangered native species seemed very counter productive.  DEC’s reasoning was that they had to keep the hunters happy and they wouldn’t make it through the winter.  However, pheasants are commonly seen now in Spring and Summer, long before the next group is released in the fall. So….?


Mona Bearor

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Well look what I found, this link shows that the pheasants are released in the Washington County State Forest, which I presume to be that trail on Blackhouse Rd as our hotspot holds that same name, for youth hunts:


I swear there used to be a release further up on Rt 41 in Kingsbury/Smith's Basin ages ago as well but that was word-of-mouth.


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I believe the state releases them there for hunters.  (Or so a ranger told me once when he saw me walking along the new trail and mistook my scope for a firearm.)


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Found a Ring-necked Pheasant walking across the front lawn of house #323 on Blackhouse Rd. at the F. E. Grslnds at 3:27 p.m. today.

As of 4:35 p.m., no Short-eared Owls were showing up for the 10 car loads of hopeful folks waiting in the Plum Rd. Theater parking area.


Jeff Schoonmaker


Zach Schwartz-Weinstein
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