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Scott Varney

Finally, a teachable moment!  Thank you for this post and the challenge...this is how we learn the subtle differences between commonly-grouped birds. 

Scott Varney 
Salem, NY

On Sat, Jan 9, 2021, 5:08 PM jhershey2 <hersheyj@...> wrote:
I arrived at the same spot (manure spread) on Stonebridge Rd. in Northumberland south of Calahan Rd. sometime after Gregg and Cathy.  I joined Bob and Nettie and later Eric M. in watching Horned Larks, Snow Buntings, and a few Lapland Longspurs.  The larks outnumbered the other two species.  I was particularly interested in the Longspurs because they are a little tricky to find amongst the other birds.  There are a few things I look for to i.d. them.  First of all, unlike the larks and buntings, they look like a run-of-the-mill sparrow.  Also, they have a dark triangular frame on the face with some reddish or orange color surrounding it.  And they have an orange patch on the folded wing which is bordered by white.  I posted several photos (for i.d. or educational purposes only) below most of which have longspurs, horned larks, and sometimes snow buntings in them.  Can you find the longspurs?

John H.

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