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For over 10 years there was a very white leucistic Red-tailed Hawk in the Ghent to Chatham, NY area. A few years ago, it appeared to have been shot and couldn't fly. It was taken to a rehabilitator and I did not hear its fate, probably didn't survive. These incidents make me so angry. In nature different birds like this may be picked from flocks as targets by predators, so maybe a few hunters have this instinct. I have seen this happen to partially white deer.

There have been others in the 6 miles away Spencertown-Austerlitz, NY area, over 30+ years ago.

I attached a photo of this hawk taken by me in 4-2017 over the Price Chopper in Chatham. It is OK to use this photo, just please credit me.

Good Birding and stay well -

Nancy Kern
Austerlitz, NY

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*  There is still one at the golf course on Route 196 in Hartford, NY.  I have distant photos, but saw it again a few weeks ago. 

* I have nice photos of one at the WC Grasslands on Route 4 at thg he end of Cary Road.  This may be the same individual as previously reported. 

Scott Varney 
Salem, NY

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I found one Dec. 2018 in the Ft Edward grasslands. It was subsequently banded by Bob Yunick

Naomi Lloyd

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I saw yet another report of an all-white Red-tailed Hawk. This one in Ulster County - away from where one that had been previously reported.

So. Are all-white Red-tails increasing in number and distribution?

Seems so to me. 

Do you know of the location of one? Without giving specific location, can you provide a general idea where it is/was?

I know for example that there were the following:
Millbrook, Dutchess County - nesting female which was around for about 15 years, at least; not recent
Stone Ridge, Ulster County - another nesting female around for maybe 20 years; no recent reports;
New Paltz, Ulster County - recent
Near Columbia County Airport - Ghent, Recent but no reports in the last few years;
Near Hoosick, Rensselaer County; few sightings from about 10 years ago

Did I miss any?

Current ones?

Rich Guthrie
New Baltimore

Richard Guthrie

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