Queensbury Pine Grosbeaks

zach schwartz-weinstein

Yesterday morning I visited the continuing grosbeak flock behind Queensbury Middle School.  There were at least 25 birds present.  The crabapples have been worked over pretty well, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that flock either shifted to some of the other trees nearby or moved on.  With the sun actually out, and the birds slightly drunk on fermented apple, I was able to get photos I’m pretty happy with.  Check them out here:

This morning I drove up to partridge run WMA to see if any grosbeaks or other finches were in the crabapples at the Bradt Hollow/High Point intersection.  I had no success.  On the way home, along Route 85 just after the (western) intersection with Cass Hill road, a raven was sitting on a tree branch holding court.

Zach S-W
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