Red Crossbills - Madison Ave. Pinelands


I spent several hours at the Madison Ave. Pinelands (Albany Pine Bush) this morning in search of Crossbills.  I heard some finch-like sounds flying overhead at least twice but couldn't see the birds.  After leaving for some lunch I went back to the trailhead and walked the yellow trail again and around 1:30 I heard and then spotted some finches feeding on pine cones near the top of the trees.  After going through my photos I believe that all the finches I saw were Red Crossbills, and I'd estimate at least 20.  This fall and winter I now have seen 5 of the irruptive winter finches in our area, but I still need Evening Grosbeak for the complete set.  That, I guess would make a "winter finch six-pack".  I attached 3 pics of the crossbills below. 

John H. 

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