Pine Grosbeaks in Salem

Scott Varney

Today, after dropping off my car at Napa Auto for a battery replacement, I walked over to the big white church to see if the Pine Grosbeaks had moved out of the area as a result of the 36" of snowfall.  Despite the snow, they were still present In full force (over 50 individuals).  They kept flying down to the ground and were munching on the snow near the parking lot entrance.  I walked slowly toward them and stopped within 4 feet of them.  They chirped non-stop while eating snow and then it flew from the ground and perched ON TOP OF MY HEAD!  I stood there in amazement and enjoyed the 5-second moment until it flew back to the ground.  This was the second time that a bird has perched on me this Fall season (Yes, it's still not Winter).

Loving Birds and Birding,

Scott Varney
Salem, NY

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