Pine Grosbeaks - Queensbury OFF LIMITS ENTIRELY


A group of us were in the church parking lot and the pastor explained where his house is and how disturbed he was by photographers outside his windows early in the morning. He politely asked that NO ONE enter the church property at all..Not even the parking lot, not for birding, not for photography. It is private and off limits. Please respect his wishes.-Scott Stoner  and Alan Mapes

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The man who lives in the home behind the church just told me he feels very uncomfortable with people taking photos in his backyard and asked me to leave.

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Ron H. and I also checked out the Pine Grosbeaks at Our Lady of the Annunciation Church in Queensbury this morning.  The birds were mostly hanging out in 2 Crabapple trees in the back of the church between the parking lot and the church building.  No other birders were there while we were there and the birds were very cooperative for photos.  I posted a few pics below of male and female birds. 

John H.

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