Re: follow up - ebird report and images of Pine Grosbeaks in Queensbury yesterday afternoon

Robert Chapman

Just an FYI to the group ... 

If you are looking for an abundance of Pine Grosbeaks, there are roughly a dozen or more taking refuge in the ornamental fruit trees behind the Catholic Church on the opposite side of the road as the Middle School.  These are behind the building just off the rear of the parking lot.  

This location is much easier to access than the Middle School.  If you spend too much time behind the middle school during the day, you will be greeted by either one of the Sheriff Dept. School Resource Officers or a member of the District staff.  Having just retired from the school district (as the Director of Facilities and Operations for 20 years - now able to do more birding!) I can pass along to all of you, that visits to the campus during the school day are seriously frowned upon.  Bring binoculars and a camera out and you will certainly be requested to leave. The church on the other hand is very accessible and the priest is aware of the rare birds that are eating his tree berries.  I spoke with him when I was there.  He enjoys the birds and was interested in finding out what kind they were and why I was interested.  

Here are a couple of the birds I was able to watch and photograph in these trees yesterday.  With less foot traffic here, the birds seemed much more tolerable of humans.     
Pine Warbler-7012.jpg
Pine Warbler-7013.jpg

Happy Birding!  

On Mon, Nov 30, 2020 at 3:18 PM scottjstoner via <> wrote:
Denise and I had about 20, voraciously consuming the crab apples from the trees on the north (back) side if the Queensbury Middle school on Aviation Rd., Queensbury, Warren County NY on November 29. We also saw two Black Vultures fly over.

ebird report with images herein:

Scott Stoner and Denise Hackert-Stoner, Loudonville

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