SoRensCo CBC - Saturday 12/26

Naomi Lloyd

Hey folks, it's been a crazy year and CBC season is no different. I've decided to go ahead with our count with the following changes:

No compilation dinner *sob*
I'm not looking for new volunteers this year, just reaching out to last year's participants. A couple of you have already let me know you can't be with us - you'll be missed!
If you feel comfortable travelling with someone, that's your decision. Otherwise, caravan, split up your territory into subsections, maybe have someone cover those walkable areas that always get a lick and a promise. Do what you feel safest with - I know I don't want to carpool with anyone in the holiday season.
If you break your group up, each individual subsection has to submit paperwork for effort/species seen. I don't mind doing the extra data entry if we have 16 teams this year instead of 8.
And if it just isn't going to work for you, please feel free to bow out. I'd rather miss you on the count and be able to see you in the field next year.

A Team: Tristan Lowery, John Kent, Zach S-W, Will Raup, Rich Guthrie

B Team: Naomi Lloyd, Jeanette Roundy, Lindsey Duval

B.2 Team: Ken McGrath and friends at RPI Tech Park

C Team: Julie Hart, Daniel Schlaepfer, Chuck Kiewig

E Team: Jim de Waal Malefyt, Arnold Ackerley, Gabrielle Isenbrand

G Team: Steve Mesick, Jackson and friends?

H Team: Bill Lee and Neal Reilly are not available this year. Gregg Recer & Jamie Taft were the rest of the team

J Team: Deb Shaw, Bill Ritz

I'll send you the paperwork soon. Return it to me as soon after the count as convenient by mail or email. If you have any great highlights and notable sightings, let me know so I can include them in my writeup.

Thanks for your help, and happy turkey day!


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