White-winged crossbills, Albany Pine Bush Preserve

zach schwartz-weinstein

At dawn this morning I had some flyover white-winged crossbills about a quarter mile down the purple trail at the Madison Avenue Pinelands section of the Albany Pine Bush Preserve.  Also present were a number of Pine Siskins and a fearsome assemblage of Dark-Eyed Juncos that seemed to be carpeting the entire trail.  Lindsey Duval had reported a White-Winged Crossbill yesterday morning in the discovery center parking lot (the trails in the Karner Barrens East section are apparently closed for mowing) so hopefully there are a few around and they’ll stick around these parts long enough for folks to get good looks at them.

Remember that eBird, Merlin, and all other Cornell Lab-adjacent projects are out of commission until 8:00 AM tomorrow, so if you see something good, get the word out.


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