Recent Sightings


Quite a few Bluebirds around. A morning walk south turned up a group of 5 and an afternoon walk north featured a group of 6 last week. Almost every walk features a couple. On many days a few are out front by my Bluebird boxes.

Two Red-winged Blackbirds were at the feeders several days ago and there are four here this morning.

It has been mostly House Finches, but two Purple Finches have been at the feeders a couple of times.

My wife spotted and we had a nice view of a Ruby-crowned Kinglet on yesterday's walk.

While I was checking the feeders a while back I had a nice fly-through by a Pileated. Tomorrow my new, extra-long suet feeder goes up. Pileateds are fairly common here, but I've never had one visit the small suet feeder.

Clear skies, Alan

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