Ruby-throated Hummingbird fledged


Today, while visiting one of the locations where we have been “atlasing” nearby, Robert and I looked up ~ 40 feet to a branch of a black-cherry(?) tree to visualize what we suspected, an intact but empty Ruby-throated Hummingbird’s nest. 

On July 7th (photo 1), I happened to catch a glimpse of the Ruby in flight and relocated her on a small limb. She was nest-building, and the fluffy, partially-constructed cup was daintily decorated with a few pieces of greenery.

We returned on July 29th (photo 2) to find Mrs. Hummingbird sitting on the nest, incubating her egg(s). The avian structure was beautifully adorned with a camouflage of lichen. 

Friday, August 14th (photos 3, 4, 5) revealed a single not-so-small chick filling out the nest. After our 25-minute wait, Mother Ruby delivered food. She soon departed, and the young resumed activity of its own, busily exercising it’s wings which it would be putting to good use in  just a matter of day(s). Today was confirmation of that fact. 

Really, how good does it get? If there could be a benefit of Covid, it might be that of staying closer to home and taking the extra time and patience to find “things” one would never think possible.

Rita Reed
East Hoosick, NY

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