Albert Family Community Forest - RECR, EVGR

Lindsey Duval

I spent all morning hiking all the trails at Albert Family Community Forest in Renss. Co. Had another flyover "jip jip jip"ing Red Crossbill. 

While hiking the white trail I got to a clearing at almost the highest elevation there (I think it's around 1100', not too far from the hemlock swamp on the trail map) and took a break, and ended up hearing an Evening Grosbeak singing its loose, husky-ish short trill repeatedly. Couldn't find the bird in the horrible overcast lighting, much to my annoyance, because I won't count it as my lifer without a good visual, but I've learned the song and call over time so I can at least add the species to my checklist for record keeping. It flew while I was trying to find it and called as well, giving a flat clear "chewp" sort of like a House Sparrow call. 

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