[MidHudsonBirds] White Pelican in Hudson

Kathryn Schneider

I checked this area today and didn’t see it but I could have just been unlucky. Tim is  good birder and a reliable source.

Kathy Schneider

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A White Pelican is hanging out at the north end of the Middle Ground Fats (island) north of Hudson (technically in Greenport), and just downriver from Stockport Flats. Today I observed it from the City of Hudson as preened on the railroad embankment upriver. For a good view upriver, go to the northwest corner of the city to a group of city-owned, dilapidated fishing shacks (next to the wastewater treatment plant), then pull up to the train tracks.

In early August 2011, I found a White Pelican on the Middle Ground Flats immediately opposite of Hudson's state boat launch. A week later it turned up in Cohoes. Same bird? We'll never know.

T. O'Connor

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