Re: Hummingbird question

Lindsey Duval

Hummingbirds should visit your Hostas as they do like them (they're also on a Birds and Blooms recommended list for hummers), perhaps they are just preferring another food source over the Hosta blooms (maybe higher sugar content in something else). 

I'm glad to hear some hostas are nice enough to be blooming too, I'm renting a room and the poor hostas in the garden here look terrible! (A neighbor has a million feeders and Scarlet beebalm though.)

Lindsey D. 
New Lebanon, NY

On Sat, Jul 18, 2020 at 8:57 AM ConserveBirds <conservebirds@...> wrote:

I have hummingbirds visit my yard – mostly for the flowers, occasionally for the feeders – but have never seen one feed at the Hosta blooms, of which there are hundreds.  Does anyone know if they visit Hosta flowers?


Mona Bearor

South Glens Falls



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