Baby bird Season

Scott Varney

As I finished up my 12 hour grading session for school today (yahoo...last day today!), I finally have a moment to breathe and take in some backyard birding. The White-breasted Nuthatches fledged at least 7 chicks, the Tufted Titmice have produced at least 8 babies, and the Robin nest on a corner beam of my log home is still being incubated. My entire yard is resonating with squeaky babies.  A male and female Scarlet Tanager have been making regular flights across the mowed lawn between my front and back yard...there is a nest somewhere close by, but I haven't had time to search for it. The baby birds are so fun to watch due to their bumbling and stumbling activities. 

Happy Birding and last day of school,

Scott Varney
Salem NY

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