Night Bird Call Mystery


Good Morning,

My wife and I have been out with a telescope for the past two nights. Both nights we've heard a bird calling (it moves around, so I'm pretty sure it's a bird). I'm not sure I can describe it well enough for an ID, but I could checkĀ  out suggestions by listening to them at the Cornell web site. After several hours of it over two nights, I think I'd recognize it.

It was a short call, sort of a gentle, slightly hoarse screech. Something like a "Pfweet." It was given once, with tens of seconds before the next. Occasionally it might be repeated after perhaps just 10 seconds. It was rather uniform with little inflection. It usually sounded a little hoarse or raspy, but sometimes it seemed a bit "cleaner." There were also were variations that were softer. But the word "monotonous" also came to mind fairly early on. I don't recall hearing this call before, but might not have paid a lot of attention if it didn't go on for so long.

The only other bird we heard was a distant Barred Owl.

Thanks for your help!

Clear skies, Alan
(Semi-rural western part, with lots of woods and fields)

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