clay-colored sparrow - ft plain


I had good success this morning locating and viewing the clay-colored sparrow that's been present for a couple of weeks along dingman rd in the town of Ft Plain, Mont. Co. The bird stayed mostly on the north side of the road and close to the intersection with Salt Springville Rd. (CR 75). Very vocal and perching up for good scope views. At one point I was watching the bird sing when it seemed like a second song was answering from a different location, but it was only for a few phrases, so I can't be sure it wasn't some kind of audio artifact.

Also of interest was a pair of N harriers with the female appearing to carry food to a potential nest site.

while in the area I checked out the Ames horse farm and was eventually able to hear a upland sandpiper flight call, but never could locate the bird. The meadows and hay fields are very tall out there now.

gregg recer
malta NY

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