Prothonotary Warbler Photos from Surrender March Trail in Schuylerville

Scott Varney

In my efforts to find this bird today, I brought my camera, my scope, my bins, and my audio recording was quite a pile of gear.  At some point, I bumped the settings on my camera and caused slow shutter speeds, but managed to get identifiable photos of the bird.

I have a bit of work to do with my audio recordings to filter out all of the road noise, but I will post a clip when it is finished.  I should note that the Prothonotary Warbler(s), all 3 of them were delivering beautiful songs and call notes.  I had emailed Lindsay a big thanks for her find and pointed out to her that she solved my mystery bird identification from 3 weeks ago at this location.

Enjoy and happy birding,

Scott Varney
Salem, NY

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