American Redstart, Great Blue Herons, and Boblinks oh my

Sue Rokos

Wednesday we headed to Vischer Ferry after work, and found to our delight a small nest off the path to the river a sweet little bird landing in a nest, she would settle in, then leave and fly around while I searched through Sibley's....could she be a least flycatcher? But did not seem right, grey with a spot if yellow on each wing, and yellow side tail feathers....I looked through my Stokes book and was surprised to see an exact picture of her, a female American Redstart. Then, Thursday evening we took our scope down our Duanesburg road to the little rookery, and watched as Dad flew across the marsh, back with a stick in his mouth , and then tightrope walked over to the lower nest on the left and handed it over to the nest builder....we watched this back and forth for 15 minutes or so, then the middle nest parent got up and saw three baby heads Bob up. (We took the pix through the scope, still practicing) then on our way up the road back home saw this downy woodpecker on the reeds, pecking away. That was new! This morning we headed down our road and at the farm fields 2 miles down found Bobolinks galore, seemed like 100 of them! After we turned around to walk back home, we saw one poor or lucky female being chased by three males. We drive down Tonite and they seem to either be gone or hunkered down, and the redwinged blackbirds back in charge.

Very satisfying days.

Sue and Dennis Rokos

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