Bobolinks and Blue-winged Warblers at SNHP

Scott Varney

I cycled the 11 mile loop road today from 1:30-2:10 pm at SNHP (now that it is legal!). Blue-winged Warblers were calling from absolutely every stretch of the first 8 miles of the loop was almost distracting, as I was trying to listen for other species...a beautiful distraction.  

Highlight of my 40 minute ride was a Bobolink that perched on a 4 foot tall, blue pole about 10 feet from me at the 2.5 mile mark...and started into a full-on song...the kind of moment I hope for when I'm out recording bird vocalizations...and no human sounds to be heard!

Happy day,

Scott Varney
Salem, NY

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