Re: Warblers at Five Rivers 5/11

Christopher J. McCarthy

Would they be likely to have stayed around today to see on an evening walk? Or tomorrow a.m.? 

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Date: 5/11/20 12:57 PM (GMT-05:00)
Subject: [hmbirds] Warblers at Five Rivers 5/11

After a slow, chilly start to the day at Five Rivers EEC in Delmar, the birding heated up suddenly around 7:30 am. Five miles and four hours yielded 70 species, plus a pair of domestic ducks at the beaver Pond. The busiest area was the northern leg of the service road, particularly the northeast corner where it connects to the North Loop trail. I became engulfed in a fairly large mixed flock of warblers there and spent 45 minutes identifying, photographing and sound-recording them. It was exhilarating and exhausting, the good kind of tired. Twenty species of warblers were present. The areas around the Skeeter Bowl, the west end of the Heron Pond, and the Beaver Pond all produced good birds. An eBird checklist with photos is linked below. Enjoy birding!

Tom Williams

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