Lake Lauderdale Birding

Scott Varney

I visited Lake Lauderdale to walk the entrance road and woodland trails.  However, in light of the wind gusts, I chose to stick to the county park road with my dog, Chuck. At approximately the first 1/4 mile along the road, I bumped into a wave of Warblers.  As I put my binoculars on each of the 20 different birds, I came to discover that every single one was an adult male Yellow-rumped juveniles or females. Also found a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak, a Barred Owl performing a single Hoo-Awww, and 3 Northern Juncos (and I thought that species was long gone by now). 

Perhaps the most exciting observation today was the haunting musical symphony of the crying forest.  Each of the trees were creaking and groaning with their own unique voice during every wind gust, as if to vocally protest the wind, cold temperatures and snow.  Perhaps they were contemplating the need for more social distancing.  The physical evidence of their torment was in the form of blowdowns everywhere within the forest.  
Soundscapes like that can't be recreated by humans!

Happy Birding (and Tree-ing)

Scott Varney
Salem, NY

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