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I personally haven’t had luck with decals. We switched to “Zen curtains” late last summer (see here for an example) and haven’t had any window hits since. We made them from paracord (cheap to buy a roll on Amazon) and then hung them from above the windows with small 3M hooks placed 3-4 inches apart. It also allows you to still see through the window. Just put a few knots in the bottom so they hang straight. They’ll still swing in the wind but the birds got used to them really quickly (within less than an hour). 


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  Thank you so much for answering right away.  And I ordered some decals.  :-) 

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It’s an ovenbird, a species of warbler.  You can get decals for windows that help prevent bird collisions like this.

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photo from Glenville, NY.  Bird hit window.  What kind of bird is it?  Can't find it in any of my bird-books.  Help!  
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