Birding yesterday at Thatcher State Park

Cynthia Edwardson

Yesterday Chris and I spent several hours hiking and birding on the blue and yellow trails at Thatcher Park.  There were very few people and very muddy trails but the birding was fun.  A few highlights of interest included a singing black-throated green warbler, 5 fox sparrows together, 3 hermit thrushes, a winter wren, a broad-winged hawk, and two barred owls (see attached photo).  The owls were calling and although we didn't find a nest, the photographed owl did not seem to want to leave the area where we spotted it.

Also, at Swift Preserve in Delmar (in our NYBBA Priority Block) yesterday we found a waterthrush.  Having recently moved from Northern MN, we don't have a lot of experience identifying Louisiana waterthrushes but attached are two photos that we think show that this is a Northern waterthrush.  Please let me know if you think this is an incorrect conclusion.

Cindy Edwardson


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