new arrivals

John Kent

At Henry Hudson Park in Selkirk, Rose-breasted Grosbeak arrived yesterday morning, and I there were two of them around this morning. Other new arrivals this morning were Baltimore Oriole, and a singing Black and White Warbler in a spot where they have bred in past years. Otherwise, no warblers this morning other than Yellow-rumped. In the tidal portion of the Vlomankill I saw three river otters together, just below the waterfall at the head of tide.

The Bald Eagle nest across the Hudson from the park failed this year. They appeared to be on eggs briefly back at the usual time, but then within a few days it became clear that they were no longer incubating. This nest was built in October 2019 after their previous nest fell to the ground in August. Maybe they picked a spot that is vulnerable to nest-raiding raccoons. On the bright side, I discovered a new (at least to me) eagle nest not far away, on the west side of River Road across from Moh-He-Con-Nuck Nature Preserve. It's at least a half mile from the river, an indication that all the prime territories are already occupied.

John Kent

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