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Steve M. Chorvas

Ask the writer to take a careful look around her porch for an active nest.  Mallards are notorious for nesting in odd locations, including under porches, in window wells, chimneys, etc.  Sounds like the hen is defending a nest site.
Steve M. Chorvas
Saugerties, NY  

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We receive this question through our Southern Adirondack Audubon Facebook page.  I haven’t  a clue.  Anyone have an idea what’s going on here?


"I have a question about a female Mallard duck. I was standing on my porch yesterday in the late afternoon. I am in a second floor apartment overlooking a small lake in Southern Saratoga County. There were two  Mallard drakes on the shore and one in the water and one female in the water close to the shore. All of a sudden the female suddenly got out of the water and flew up straight at me. She was maybe two feet from me when I had to wave her away. I thought it was just a one off weird event. Now she was on the grass beneath my porch and began aggressively moving into an small area where a Canada Goose was feeding. The Goose warned her away but she persisted and it wasn't until the Goose became very aggressive that she moved aside but not that far. The next thing i knew she flew up at me again. Once more I had to wave her away when she got alarmingly close. She did once more. this time i used a cushion from my Chaise to wave her away.  The next thing I know some drakes were chasing her. Having had enough excitement for the day I went inside. I'm over80, am a life time bird watcher and never experienced anything like it! Have you heard of or seen such behavior? I will be eager to get your reply."


Any help for this lady appreciated.


Mona Bearor

South Glens Falls



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