Re: Banded Canada Goose- Five Rivers

Jay Ciccone

Wow that is a really old bird!

Speaking of bands, right around the time that goose was banded is when they stoped using the old vinyl style neck bands that were shaped like a bib/cone and they began using the yellow and orange (in our region) cylinder shaped hard plastic neck tags instead. They made the switch as a result of the cone shaped neck collars icing up, and the geese could not fly because of the weight of the ice. Initially that bib style was created to actually prevent ice up on the collar, however it had the reverse affect instead. 

If anyone ever sees a Canada goose still sporting one of those bib shaped neck tags, that bird is likely at least around twenty years old. Or more!

Those neck bands were initially white, with a black alpha numeric combination on them, and over the years the collars had a tendency to fade to a solid black.  

I'm just curious, when was the last time any one has seen one of those? 

                             - Jason Ciccone 


On Sunday, April 26, 2020, 01:33:03 PM EDT, trwdsd via <trwdsd@...> wrote:

For as long as I have been birding at Five Rivers, there has been a leg-banded Canada Goose present. It spends its time during the breeding season roaming between Wood Duck Marsh, Fox Marsh and Goose Pond. I've never been able to read the band through binoculars, so during this past week I walked along with, around, behind and in front of the bird to get enough images to be able to capture the bard number. It is paired up with another goose again this season, but clearly they are not currently in a nesting situation. I submitted my findings to the Bird Banding Lab at USGS and they sent back the following reply:

Species: Canada Goose
Date banded: 06/25/2002
Banding Location: FEURA BUSH, NEW YORK, USA
This female is therefore at least 18+ years old. Tip your hat next time you encounter her.

Photos of the band are attached.

Tom Williams

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