Re: Robin on suet feeder

James Elbrecht

Not a Robin- but I have a male Goldfinch that likes suet.   And a pair of Goldfinches that seem to prefer sunflower seed to niger seed.

I had the upside-down niger feeder for a while, and a Chickadee figured it out and used it.   Then, a couple years later, all the finches started ignoring it.  No amount of cleaning/replacing could entice the current crop of birds.  So I went back the the right-side-up tube feeder.

Sometimes the birds don't read the manuals.



On 4/22/2020 6:22 AM, ConserveBirds wrote:

This morning I observed for the first time in my memory an American Robin perched on and feeding from a suet feeder.  Has anyone else ever seen this?


Mona Bearor

South Glens Falls



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