anchor diamond park - t. of ballston


I explored a new (at least to me) Saratoga Plan preserve today; anchor diamond park on middle line rd in the town of ballston, saratoga county. It's recently donated to the town, and Saratoga Plan manages the conservation easement. It's mainly forest, some swampy hardwoods, white pine, and hemlock stands. Trails were mucky in a few spots, but easy to work around and there are good boardwalks and bridges in several locations.
Highlights included a FOY blue-headed vireo, multiple drumming and calling yellow-bellied sapsuckers (presumed migrants), multiple singing pine warblers and brown creepers, and singing winter wren.

I noted that while the entire trail system after the first few yards is within on atlas block (burnt hills CE), the preserve ebird hotspot is placed near the parking area and just over the boundary in round lake CW. I'd suggest revising the hotspot pin location if someone can tell me who the appropriate hotspot reviewer is. thanks

gregg recer
malta NY

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