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Richard Guthrie

A male Hooded Oriole just showed up in Ohio - first state record.

Just sayin'

Rich Guthrie

On Sat, Apr 4, 2020 at 10:04 PM Steve Mesick <stvmesick@...> wrote:
So have not been able to post about this till now but I had a weird sighting this morning at the northern end of Papscanee (at the American Oil Road entrance). Got out of the car and immediately heard a weird song - a little like a House Finch but not quite right in either the voice or the song. And it kept repeating the same song. There was possibly a second bird singing the same song back a little further. I tried to track it down - it was singing from back over the oil storage facility. I was assuming it was a weird House Finch (or possibly Purple). Did not see any finches but I did see an orange bird with a darker head quite a ways back at the top of a tree. Could not see it well and was trying to get a picture that I could magnify later but it flew back and down and did not reappear or sing again. It looked like an oriole but it was way too far off to really ID. Hung araound for a while hoping it would reappear but it didn’t. I literally was thinking along the lines of one of the non local orioles (song was nothing like Baltimore). It was not till later that Orchard occurred to me and I listened to a couple samples of songs for that and those were pretty close to what I had heard. Problem with Orchard (apart from the obvious problem of it being way early) is that the orange was much brighter - more like Baltimore than the rusty of the Orchard. It was in the sun which may have lightened it up some.

And then again maybe the song and the visual were different birds.

Anyway if anyone is going there see if you can find what I was looking for and come up with a better answer. I may go back tomorrow.

Steve Mesick
East Greenbush

Richard Guthrie

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