Acting on a surprising tip (okay, it was actually an eBird report), I drove about three-quarters of a mile down the road after dinner, got out of the car at one of the farm fields, and listened.  “Peent!  Peent!”  I heard from the field beside me.  I could hear another woodcock not far off.  Even with binoculars, I was unable to see either bird, although we were separated only by a brushy area along the roadside. 


I was cold, so I started to head back, leaving my car windows open.  Again, I heard “Peent! Peent!” so I stopped and got out.  This woodcock sounded like it was RIGHT in front of me, but between the bird’s camouflage and the emerging darkness, it was impossible to see.  Then, the bird took off, looking like a chunky football with wings.


Ellen P.

West Charlton

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