Surrender March Trail, Schuylerville Birding

Scott Varney

     If you're looking for a new birding escape route, try the (newly-named) Surrender March Trail on Route 4 in Schuylerville, with a parking area on Route 4 across from Schuyler Street. Trail is about 1 mile round trip. Great woodland wetland habitat!  
     Today, (and for at least the last 2 weeks) in the flooded fields directly toward the front left of the parking lot, there is a pair of Northern Shovelers. Lots of Mallards, Black Ducks, Wood Ducks, and a plethora of Ring-billed Gulls  There is a visible Great Blue Heron rookery along the trail with at least 1 heron on each of 9 counted nests. Wood Ducks were everywhere along the trail.  This is going to be some great warbler habitat in a few weeks. 

Happy Quarantining,

Scott Varney
Salem, NY

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