Vischer Ferry Waterfowl


The HMBC field trips for April have been cancelled, as you may know, including Vischer Ferry Preserve.  I've been visiting there almost daily for the exercise and for the ducks.  I've never seen the place as busy with people as it's been for the last couple weeks usually with parking lot overflow even on week days.  Anyway, there has consistently been a good variety of waterfowl.  This morning I had the following with guess-timates: American Wigeon (12), Gadwall (16), Northern Shoveler (2), Green-winged Teal (18), Wood Duck (16), Bufflehead (2),  Ring-necked Duck (40), Pied-billed Grebe (2).  I counted what I saw along the west towpath plus the back ponds.  I didn't see it this morning but on previous days it was interesting to watch the shoveler pairs doing their "mating dance".  They will bow heads alternately (like Mallards) or turn in a circle with head under water but no actual mating so far.  The main trails are wide enough to keep 6 feet from others coming the other way.  I've attached a few pics from previous days. 

John H.

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