WC Grasslands. Blackhouse Road Trail

Scott Varney

I had a beautiful hike into the wilderness of solitude today along the Washington County Grasslands Trail on Blackhouse Road in Fort Edward.  Birds were sparse, but I took time to enjoy an Eastern Phoebe's songs, a continual influx of Turkey Vultures in drift-mode, a family of Song Sparrows making their Chimp sounds, a Northern Harrier drifting across the Grasslands in search of a meal, a pair of Vesper Sparrows near the outer platform, and my first beetles of the season...it was so peaceful!  The day was topped off with a true avian hint of the Spring season, a solitary Eastern Meadowlark in full-on song.  I love Spring!

Acclimating to the new "normal". 

Scott Varney 
Salem, NY

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