Harris's Sparrow

Julie Hart

I received a notice that a Harris's Sparrow was seen yesterday on Buckingham Pond in Albany. Photos attached!


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From: sara hart <sarahart@...>
Subject: Harris's Sparrow
Date: March 22, 2020 at 7:31:20 PM EDT

Hi Julie,

Sara and I had a very exciting discovery today—a Harris’s Sparrow!  Sara took these photos.  We found it on our walk around Buckingham Pond which is right next to Stonehenge Gardens where we live. It was associating with 3 White-throated Sparrows.  It was off the trail that circles the pond at the west end of Raft Street (at this point the trail runs parallel to Raft Street on the south side of the pond).  It was in a semi-open area on the pond side of the trail where the trail makes a 90 degree turn.  The easiest way to reach this location is to park at the playground on Berkshire Blvd. and walk the trail to the spot.  

Later in the morning I returned to the area where we saw the bird and scattered some millet. We checked the spot one more time later in the afternoon but saw no birds at the seed. 

Sara and I don’t know any other birders so you can share this information as you like.  We’ll check for the bird tomorrow.  Thanks!

Brian and Sara 

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