Turkey Vulture Colony

Scott Varney

On my way to work this morning, I found an odd assemblage of 32 roosting Turkey Vultures in a tree along Route 29 in Greenwich, NY  near Academy St/ Rr 29 intersection in the village of Greenwich, NY. This was the first day of ever seeing them before in the village limits of Greenwich, NY. I'm wondering if this colony ultimately resides in Salem, NY behind the funeral home on East Broadway in Salem, NY. 

Equally interesting, the assemblage of Canada Geese in Greenwich along Route 29 and Eastward toward the Greenwich Town Beach shows a remarkable number of individuals that are within the range of unusually small when compared to Hudson River birds of a the same species. This trend has repeated for all 4 years since I've moved to Salem, NY. I have observed many that are within the possible range of Cackling Goose, but traffic along Rt 29 has prevented closer examination. The size disparity is very evident when compared to the thousands of that species that I have observed well along the Hudson River in Schuylerville, Fort Miller, and into Stillwater. This section of the Battenkill is special in this regard. Perhaps this quiet-water section of the Battenkill River deserves better attention by the birding community. 

Scott Varney
Salem, NY

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