Hudson Pointe and Bolton Landing Waterfowl

David Harrison

Early this morning into early this afternoon, I found 18 species of waterfowl at the above named locations in southern Warren County. Hudson Pointe Nature Preserve (Big Bay) had the lion's share with 17 species, including a Cackling Goose, a Snow Goose (flyover with a flock of Canadas), 2 Northern Pintail, 8 American Wigeon, 3 Green-winged Teal, a Redhead, a Lesser Scaup and a Red-breasted Merganser. Most of the other more common species were in double or triple (Canada Goose) figures. Passerines were also evident in good variety, leading to a 42 species total for the 3 and a half hours I was there. Anyone who goes should be prepared for icy trails (although maybe not as much after today's warmth), distant waterfowl (a scope is essential) and trails that, in some areas, are in need of maintenance (particularly down by the river).
Bolton Landing was challenging, due to the intense shimmer over the ice and water. The highlights there were a pair of Northern Shovelers and a flock of about 25 Fish Crows. Again, the ducks were at quite a distance, making a scope a necessity.
David Harrison
Milford, NJ

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