Lesser Black-backed Gulls- 3/2


I birded the Hudson River--Mohawk River corridor between Green Island and Latham this morning. From the Crescent Power Plant I could see a small group of gulls collected on the ice just above the spillway on the Waterford side. Among them was an adult Lesser Black-backed Gull. There was also a pair of Lesser Scaup swimming in the Mohawk just downriver from the power plant. I then moved just upriver to the pull-off along Crescent Rd., to where the edge of the ice shelf on the Mohawk has receded. In the large group of gulls at the water's edge there was an adult Lesser Black-backed Gull. I couldn't be sure this wasn't the same bird, but only ten minutes time had elapsed between sightings. Subsequently, another birder confirmed that there were indeed two present. The main channel of the Mohawk River appears to be completely ice free now, as far westward as the Niskayuna Train Station area at Lions Park, and perhaps much farther. Expect a lot of movement this week with waterfowl and gulls.

Tom Williams

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