Saratoga Waterfowl, Northumberland Longspur

Alan Mapes

An afternoon visit to Stafford’s Bridge on Fish Creek turned up 500 or so waterfowl, mostly mallards, blacks, common mergs and Canada Geese. Among them I picked out 2 ring-necks, 1 lesser scaup, 3 hooded mergs, and 1 black x mallard hybrid.

At the north end of Homestead Road were the usual small group of horned larks (6). I found two nice manure spreads along County Rt. 29, just north of Harris Rd. - but no birds. Finally, on Stonebridge Rd between Ballard Road and the poultry farm was a manure spread with a ton of horned larks and snow buntings. I got a great look at one Lapland longspur among them.

Alan Mapes

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