Lions Park and Bikepath 2/15/2020


Hi all,
I walked the Niskayuna Bikepath from Lions Park north past Ferry Drive from 1100am to 1pm today.  Most of the river and backwater was frozen. 
Higlights included

Snow Buntings-flock of 50 or so in a farm field between the path and the river north of the Ferry Drive bridge.  No Larks or longspurs visible.

Bald Eagle-one adult

Redwinged blackbird- 2 flyover males

Rough-legged Hawk- 2 birds one dark, one light around 1pm.
I first saw the dark phase bird perched with its back to me in the stand of trees across from the train station building.  I moved closer and saw it fly showing a long winged Buteo with the dark body contrasting with pale flight feathers and the dark terminal tail band of a Rough-legged Hawk. It flew over an area of cattails and even hovered in place briefly allowing me to see its head and bill. It was then joined by a light bird showing the dark carpal patches, white flight feathers, dark terminal tail band and white tail base of a light Rough legged Hawk.
Both birds moved slowly down river toward Albany county hunting over the cattails and reeds that border the river on the south side.

Good Birding!

Neal Reilly
Schenectady and Rochester, NY

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