Rough-legged Hawk, Northumberland

Alan Mapes

Made a pass through Williams Lane and other roads near King Dairy in Northumberland yesterday, late afternoon. The new snow had covered any manure spreads and the only snow bunting I found flew over the car as I was leaving Williams. On the lane, a beautiful rough-legged hawk was perched in a tree south of the lane. Several horned larks were along this road, also four of them on the road edge at the north end of Homestead. 35 wild turkeys were feeding in a cornfield near the intersection of Wall and Goff.

On Fish Creek at Stafford’s Bridge, the large number of waterfowl continue. No sign of the canvasback, but a wood duck and a bufflehead were there, also a pair of scaup (greater?). There were also a few hooded mergansers among the many Canada geese, mallards, blacks and common mergs. 

Alan Mapes

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