Waterfowl Hudson River - Greene County

Richard Guthrie

I ran the Hudson River (Greene County) section of the annual waterfowl count today from 8 AM until the snow started at 2 PM.

The stretch covered was from Coeymans Landing in southern Albany County to Smith's Landing south of Catskill.

The day was cold but pleasant starting at 11 F and slowly going up to 20 F by noon. The wind was brisk at times, but not brutal.

The river was open, with no ice except a rim along the shoreline and in sheltered bays and marshes.

There was no snow on the ground. But it did start snowing at around 2 PM, reducing visibility significantly.

Given the forecast for snow starting from the south to north, I leap-frogged down to the southern end of the segment then worked northward.

Here's the totals:
Canada Goose 1,749
Mute Swan             3
Mallard               191 (a significant number of the Mallards were at an open pond behind Oakbrook Manor apartments in Ravena where some domestic ducks are fed)
Am. Blk Duck       19
C. Merganser        33

In addition, there were 10 Bald Eagles with two pairs sitting by nests;
and, 5 Red-tailed Hawks, and 3 C. Ravens (one pair displaying a bit of courtship type flying)

Richard Guthrie
New Baltimore
The Greene County

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