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Richard Guthrie

Thanks for the info, John.

As an addition, I was up by Lake George on Tuesday and found the lake open all the way up past Hague.

I checked a few viewing opportunities and found few waterfowl and nothing of special note.

Rich Guthrie

On Thu, Jan 16, 2020 at 4:30 PM jhershey2 <hersheyj@...> wrote:
Partly influenced by Naomi's plans and the promise of new snow on the ground,  I headed for Northumberland this morning mostly in search of field birds.  I drove by many of the dairy and horse farms but spent most of my time near the intersection of King and Wall.  I estimate there were 150 Snow Buntings and 100 Horned Larks feeding at the southeast sector of the intersection mostly along one narrow strip of manure. The birds were chirping and constantly flying but seldom got near the road.  After looking at my photos on a big screen, I was able to tease out at least 2 Lapland Longspurs among the others.  I also spotted a Northern Harrier and a Common Raven flying over the field.  I made a cursory check of the north end of Saratoga Lake but found solid ice and no waterfowl.    

John H.

Richard Guthrie

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