This week's destination: 1/9 and thoughts for next week

Naomi Lloyd

Thursday looks like it will be cold but clear, so let's take a run upriver. We can check for waterfowl at the usual places and if time permits look for winter field birds in Fort Edward or Northumberland. Meet at the Mechanicville Price Chopper at 9:00. If I'm not there by 9:05, leave without me -- I'm fighting a cold and may not be up to it. Hope to join you but I'm not optimistic.

The Alan Devoe Thursday group is travelling down to the Shawangunk Grasslands area next week for the Harrier/Short-eared Owl show, visiting Weston Rd swamp for Red-headed Woodpeckers along the way and checking the Blue Chip Farms for more winter visitors. This will be a midday into evening trip. We'll plan out meeting time and carpool arrangements next week.


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