Re: Large accipiter at Vischer Ferry

Naomi Lloyd

Field marks I didn't know to look for...


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At this time of year, a goshawk at VF isn’t that out of the question.  Did you get a glimpse of tjrnUndertail coverts?  They‘re unstreaked on cooper’s but not on Goshawk.  Goshawks show buffy scaling on the upper shoulders, Cooper’s do not.  Gos would also look relatively small-headed in comparison with a Coop

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Not to go all Nelson Briefer on you, but I'd like to hear thoughts on the likelihood of a Northern Goshawk at Vischer Ferry. I saw the bird twice-- first in flight away from me maybe 10 feet off the ground. First impression was a LARGE female Coop, pretty uniformly gray on the back, but with no terminal band on the tail. In a few seconds I didn't have time to notice darkness of the head. About 3:20, shaded by trees, light not good.

About 25 minutes later I saw what I think was the same bird perched in a cottonwood. Size and posture (a bit "slumped") almost made me think Red-tailed at first until I got on the very long tail, gray back, pale chest and white eyebrow. When it took off the fanned tail was narrowly banded and looked even in length. No reddish tone to the breast.

Opinions? For now it's going into eBird as Acc sp with the description above. If I'd seen it at Cherry Plain I'd feel more secure in my ID but VF just seems an unlikely place.

(It did not at any time rip through the sky)

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