Greater White-fronted Goose, Cossayuna

Scott Varney

Did a long drive on this wind-chilled day (January 1st, 2020) and found a bunch of birds...finally!  The Greater White-fronted Goose is still hanging out on the outlet of Cossayuna Lake and got great looks today. It flew off honking loudly and then circled back to the same open water on the outlet. Magnificent!

Then in the Washington County Grasslands, my sister and I found a male Northern Harrier followed immediately by a female of the same species. In an area near The Stovery in Argyle, we came across a flock of Robins that numbered at least 75 birds in 3-4 trees. Immediately adjacent to those trees, we found a single tree that held at least 45 Cedar Waxwings...but could not pinpoint a single, hopeful Bohemian Waxwing. At least a dozen Red-tailed Hawks were encountered in our travels. A very cool non-avian sighting was a lone Red Fox that walked from one side to the other on Cossayuna Lake, at the widest point and right behind 2 ice fishermen who had no idea what we were looking at!  If they turned 180 degrees, the fox would have been 20 feet from them!

Amazing 1st Day,

Scott Varney
Salem NY

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