Great Horned Owl Salem

Scott Varney

I just woke up (A phenomenon known as Birding ADD) after hearing the sounds of a Great Horned Owl in my back yard. I feel very fortunate to have observed 4 different Owl species in my own yard, all within the last year.  I went outside to record the sounds and on cue, it stopped vocalizing. 

Also this week, the Battenkill River has had its own winter resurgence of waterfowl. I found 2 Cackling Geese near the Town Beach. Several Hooded Mergansers and 4 Bufflead (2 males and 2 females). 

For anyone searching for waterfowl species, the Hudson River on River Road in Stillwater has been booming with waterfowl. Yesterday, I observed a drake Redhead and a drake Canvasback side by side...that was awesome!  Also, I had quick glances at a Goose species that was not Canada...I had a science conference to get to...but first thoughts were of a Barnacle Goose...I wish I had more time...what a dilemma!  It's worth birding the area.  While heading North, take a right turn across Stillwater Bridge Road and then a left onto River Road. The river will be on your left. Look at the river opposite the first big white farmhouse. Waterfowl seem to be congregating on this side of the river in the AM. 

Happy Birding,

Scott Varney
Salem NY

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