Great Horned Owl

Scott Varney

I just woke up at Midnight because I heard a Great Horned Owl in my backyard (12/7)...I refer to this phenomenon as Birding ADD.  It's been over a month since I last heard this species in my yard and is a reminder that this is still a great time of year to listen for owl species. I am very fortunate to have seen and/or heard 4 different owl species on my own property. I love my new property in Salem (4 years new now)!  I'm looking forward to my new birding adventures and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my newfound friends (last year), the Pine Grosbeaks. 

While travelling the Battenkill River today, I found a group of 4 Buffleheads. 

Another cool sighting this week were 2 Cackling Geese on the Battenkill, near the Greenwich Town Beach. 

For the record, the Hudson River along River Road in Stillwater is hosting a large amount of waterfowl with a great diversity of species. In the morning, they seem to be congregating on the Eastern side of the river.  For anyone interested, travelling south on Route 4 from Stillwater and heading North, take Stillwater Bridge Road (on the right while heading North) and then take a left onto River Road. Just past the big white farmhouse, there is a huge congregation of waterfowl in the AM. (River is on your left). Today, I picked out one Redhead drake and one Canvasback Drake, and one strange-looking Goose species. I was time constrained, but first observations were of a species different than Canada Goose...I actually considered Barnacle Goose....oh, I wish I didn't have to get to a Science Conference!  Anyway, it's worth some more observation time. 

Happy Birding,

Scott Varney
Salem NY

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